Others Remember KING
"In my opinion KING was the ultimate red sire. He was the cleanest breeding sire that I have found, and I have based my entire breeding program around KING & his sons & daughters. "    
 Janée Anderson-Bartels, Tuscarora Kennels
"King was by far the best in my book….I loved all my little King kids and now grandkids, especially my Buster"
Lynn Nathe, Wrencrest Australian Shepherds
"EVERY King puppy that I’ve produced, and every King grandkid of mine, has always been admired for their good looks & temperaments….
I am so grateful to have been able to bring King into my breeding program…..this is really the end of an era."
Janis McCarthy, Coventry Australian Shepherds
"King meant a lot to me too. I know you will miss him a lot."
Sue Wilson & All The King Kids
Blue Point Australian Shepherds
"I am so sorry to hear about King. He has left a wonderful legacy behind in all his kids."
Jeanne Heger, Ifever Australian Shepherds
"We are so sad to hear of Kings passing away! It should be a consolation for you that he is living on in his grandchildren all over Europe, with Kody’s children in Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, & Austria."
Margaret & Eric Lunz, Equisita Australian Shepherds
"Please accept my sympathy for the loss of King, he was/is a legend!"
Jessica White & Lizzie, Foothill Australian Shepherds
"Not only is this a great loss to you, but to the Aussie breed as well."
Debi Baker
"I am so incredibly sorry to hear about King’s death. He had a wonderful life with you and certainly left his mark in the Aussie world. I’m forever grateful for this wonderful son of his. He set the bar high in the Aussie world for me. " 
Jackie Nieder & Tag
"I’m so sorry to hear of your loss of King……I know how much you loved him…."    
Lori Acierto,  Amberwood Australian Shepherds
" King will be missed but never, never forgotten. As Diane always
says, 'Reds Rule'."
David & Debbie Menton, Chipperdee's Kadar, CDX
"KING was one of the most beautiful aussies I have ever had the privilege to see. May his progeny continue to WOW the Aussie World and live on to continue his wonderful genetic prowess. I am so sorry to see his days on earth are over and may he go on to a more wonderful existence God has planned for him."
Jacque Steinbicker, Desert Rose Australian Shepherds, Bosque, New Mexico
"KING was truly one of the greatest dogs in the world. I feel privileged to have known him. The God's were shining down on Diane & King from the day they met.........."
Grant, Karla, & Kamryn Ure
"KING was an awesome Aussie who will be missed by many, and remembered by many more. His legacy will live forever. Thank you Diane for your dedication to Red Aussies."
Hugh & Mary Ann McWilliams
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