Memorial & Tribute to KING
Lobo’s Dixiana Dance King
ASCA Hall Of Fame Sire #118
04-14-89 to 02-07-04
Foundation Sire Of Dixiana Australian Shepherds

Breeders: Lois & Bob Odom of Tempe, Arizona
Lifetime Owners: Diane Saltzman & Chris H. Rolf, D.V.M.
Dixiana Australian Shepherds
OFA: Good
Eye CERF: King passed 13 consecutive years of Eye CERF
Last exam: 02/2002

Sire: CH Bluecrest Crème D’Coca Of Lobo
Dam: CH Dixie Dance Queen Of Royalty

Last Litter Sired:  2002

When Diane put the following Tribute/Memorial on this website of her beloved KING, her plan was to leave it for one year and then take it off. The year anniversary is fast approaching.
She contacted several of you to guide her on keeping this page on her site or taking it off. The choice was unanimous to leave it here. The reasons were many, but all basically the same, that we should never forget a dog such as KING. To tell his story, especially to those who are new to our breed. To keep the history alive. To never forget.
For those of you who personally know Diane, I think you will agree with me that the Red Australian Shepherd indeed has a great friend. Her passion for them exceeds all others.
She and KING made Dixiana into what it is today, one of the nation's leading breeders of Red Australian Shepherds.

Chris H. Rolf D.V.M.

KING never entered the show ring, but not because he couldn’t have been a champion. Diane looked two years for a foundation sire for Dixiana and that quest finally ended the day she saw a seven week old puppy among his litter mates at the 1989 Purina Invitational Dog Show.  "He was in the middle of an x-pen, just sitting there looking up at me, while all his brothers and sisters, in all four colors, were running around acting wild, playing with each other." Diane recalls. "He just would not take his eyes away from me, I would try and look at each pup, but my eyes continually gravitated back to him, in fact I got kind of aggravated at myself for I knew I wasn’t giving the others much of a look." "He was not a big male but was very regal looking." After Bob handed him to me I knew he was the one. My gut feeling just told me so, his eyes told me so, I just had to have him."
His sire Hershey was extremely handsome, and dark as a Hershey candy bar. His dam Dixie had movement that was awesome, and came from a family of outstanding movers. Between the two families of Bluecrest and Royalty, everything came together perfectly, as KING was destined to be a mover also.

KING came home to Dixiana and thus began the partnership of Diane and Dr. Rolf.

KING was a moderate male which Diane wanted for her breeding program, and was a very elegant and regal looking individual also. He knew he was something special, with a real show dog attitude, and moved very well. She knew if he grew up to be like Daddy Hershey, she’d have everything she wanted for her breeding program.
For a time KING lived on a cattle farm and helped with the daily chores. He loved that life. He was growing up into his adult years, maturing slowly, as he did not fully mature until he was three years old. Once he began his breeding career it was obvious what he was all about as a sire. In this humble beginning, the outside bitches bred were all local & of similar bloodlines.

KING was siring slow maturing dogs, but as breeders already know with horses, that is a good thing. And he was passing on his movement to his children. What began as local bitches soon developed into out of state bitches, & eventually his pups were world wide. He was becoming well known as a performance sire and his kids just had a "want to" attitude. Versatility and soundness is what he is well known for siring. His offspring are doing well in high competition and compete well into their double digit years.
KING was once called a self made dog, which really stuck with him. Dixiana never did promote or show any of his offspring up until he was eleven years old and had picked his replacement. All of his pups who were responsible for his Hall Of Fame Sire Award and all his ROMs he had accomplished as a sire were due to owners who wanted to compete. Potential buyers of his puppies were never told that they had to co own or show in order to get KING or Dixiana recognized. "We just figured if he was good enough, word of mouth would make him what he actually did become", Diane states.  That was exactly what happened. Owners were amazed at the high level of intelligence of his kids and the fact that obtaining multi titles in numerous divisions were not difficult to achieve. KING was attracting the performance owner who wanted more than just a dog that looked good at the end of a leash.
Many breeders keep several pups from their sires and go to many shows promoting them and their breeding programs, but none of that was done at Dixiana. KING was purchased to be a sire for the Dixiana bitches and nothing more. Once he started siring litters here and his puppies were winning in the ring, word got out and then the calls started coming in from breeders wanting his services.

KING had a wonderful life. He lived at home with Diane and her husband. To say he lived better than a lot of folks would be an understatement. Whatever he needed or wanted he got. He just knew he was special. His attitude was that of his sire's, he thought a lot of himself, and was very dignified. His temperament was the best, and he was just Mr. Personality. He ruled the Saltzman household like the KING he was.
KING did a lot for the reds, no doubt.  His offspring came in all colors, but he will always be known for his red offspring. At Dixiana Diane only owned reds.  He was ridiculed by some breeders for not being shown, but his kids went into the show ring and beat their dogs,therefore establishing his greatness as a sire.  He taught a lot of folks that you need to look at the overall dog, what he is capable of siring, and what is behind him in the pedigree. If champions bred to champions always produced champions, every dog would be a champion. But that is not so. A show dog doesn’t always make a breeding dog. KING sired his share of show dogs. Among his many sire titles, the ASCA Hall Of Fame title is Diane's favorite.

KING was such a great dog in all aspects. He sired title holders in every division. Everyone of his specials have won Best Of Breeds.  He was known as the "movement sire". His puppies at Dixiana were sold first and foremost to owners who were going to give them a great lifelong home. Diane has always been first interested in the well fare of each puppy and not that they had a show career. Regardless of pet or show homes, she is proud of each and every one of KING's kids.

KING lived a great life and there is no doubt in Diane’s mind he was her once in a lifetime dog. His son, CH Dixiana’s Dance Fever ( aka Rowdy) was retained as KING's replacement. Rowdy was chosen because he looks just like daddy KING.  He is an outstanding dog just beginning his breeding career and with his first litter his kids are winning Best Puppy awards! He is build the same, moves the same, and has that "KING" attitude. He loves to give kisses just like daddy KING. Diane is so grateful to have Rowdy here, he has helped her deal with the loss of KING. She adds, "I do not know what I would of done without Rowdy with me 24/7". 

Dixiana has plenty of straws from KING for future breedings.  They will be used
exclusively on Dixiana owned bitches, assuring all of us that KING is here to stay for a long, long time.
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